Communication 3.0

 Aoi Manga Business is a Web Agency specialized in Creative Graphics and Content Marketing. With Aoi Manga Business you could create innovative campaigns to reinforce your Brand, get involved new followers and increase the online sales.

From the collaboration of our web marketing consultants with the art of Aoi Manga Publishing, we have created our “Communication 3.0”, or rather a digital marketing example that is unique and original, or in a word: “Creative”.

The real motor of the online business is the creativity, an added value on which every big company should invest.
If you’re tired of the usual web marketing strategies, use the chat to contact our Staff.

Services for your Company.

Graphics and drawing

Visual Contents for your branding as for example, graphics logos and whatnot.


Post production or video footages, format, Spot and Institutional.


 Jingle Radio, Soundtrack for Spot or Songs by Songwriter.

Web Marketing

Seo Consultations or Web Marketing paid hourly or in convenient packets.

Web Design

Creation of Websites and e-commerce for your Online activity.


Writing & Translation

Copy Writing, Writing and Translation for your online or offline activity.

The most requested services

Product Branding Video


Art Graphics

 Choosing the best service for your company is a very important and delicate thing. To help you we have decided to create a complete Bundle offer.



We mascots will help you in the promotion of your products, creating original contents and getting involved our followers.

We are nice and cordial, we love spending time with our fan and we want to make “More human” the online communication.

Each of us has different interests and styles, for example I adore to recommend to my friends the “Top” and “Fashion” products.

Some examples of digital graphics

Aoi Manga Publisher offers original graphics created by Italian illustrators and cartoonists.
Here are some examples of our works.


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